Meet Ala

Ala Hamdan

A passionate filmmaker, photographer and traveler! Climbing the ladder of my goals with energy, a strong will and a Nutella jar as a fuel!

My journey with the camera started when I was 19 years old while volunteering with different NGOs for women and youth empowerment. I am humbled to say I am one of the first and youngest in this field that joined Hijab with photography and filmmaking.

I graduated from New York Film Academy in Florence – Italy, and that’s the city where I started my short films series titled (While in.. ). I have won several prizes for my camera work around the world, held international workshops on filmmaking and photography, & participated in exhibitions and screenings in several countries.

I live day by day yet with a secret plan in my pocket for the years to come. I hope my work can deliver powerful messages of hope, creativity and understanding.

Enjoy my blog, about writers I love, places I visited, behind the scenes of my films, my short stories, my traveling experiences.. The ups and downs of a regular imperfect life, with so much to be thankful for!